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Privacy Policy

Concerning the collection, use, and the management of individual information on the website of Ehime Prefecture, Ehime Prefectural Government will treat these matters properly in accordance with the "Ehime Prefecture Privacy Protection Ordinance" as follows:

* What is individual information?
It is the information on individuals, and that which can identify a specific individual such as name, birthdate and other descriptions (including information from which it is possible to identify a specific individual by collating it with other information).

* Limitation of Collection
When the implementing agency collects individual information through the Ehime Prefecture website, the purpose of clerical work will be clarified beforehand, and it will be collected within the necessary range.

* Limitation of Utilization and Offers
Collected individual information is never used within the implementing organization or never offered to other than the implementing organization for the purposes of clerical work, except where designated by ordinance.

* Securing Accuracy and Safety
Collected individual information is taken to keep an accurate, up-to-date content within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of clerical work. Moreover, we appropriately not only manage individual information such as prevention of its dissemination, loss, or damage, but also promptly delete without fail any individual information which becomes unnecessary to retain according to ordinances.

The implementing Agencies mean:
Governor, Assembly, Manager of Public Enterprise, The Board of Education, Election Administration Committee, Civil Service Commission, Supervisory Auditor, Public Safety Committee, Director of Police of the Prefectural Police, Labor Relations Commission, Expropriating Committee, Sea Fisheries District Coordinating Committee, and Inland Fishery Management Committee.