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Governor's Greeting


Ehime Prefecture, where the Seto Inland Sea and Uwa Sea are calm; terraced fields are cultivated toward the sky; villages are supplied with pristine water; and blue mountains are filled with fresh air. Additionally, Osettai (welcome) culture is rooted in the Shikoku Henro (pilgrimage). The beautiful name "Ehime" originates in a kuniumi (the birth of Japan) myth in the chronical, the Kojiki. Ehime Prefecture is a treasure trove of traditional specialties including "Imabari towel", "Tobeyaki (earthware)", "mizuhiki (decorative paper string)" and "tesuki washi (handmade Japanese paper)" which are produced with our abundant nature and traditional culture. Recently, new goods have been produced to meet changes in consumer demand, while their traditional strong points are preserved with the producers' innovative ideas.

We have compiled a database of "Sugomono, Excellent Goods Ehime Takes Pride In" in order to help you to understand the excellent traditional know-how of Ehime specialties as well as attractive features of the high market value goods in Ehime. It is our desire that people make use of this database and recognize its excellence through actively and efficiently advertising the attraction of "Sugomono, Excellent Goods Ehime Takes Pride In" and link it to their market expansion. If you have an interest in any of the 153 products from 106 companies which are listed here, we would be very appreciative if you would inform the prefectural office in charge or the enterpriser listed here.

I sincerely hope that "Sugomono, Excellent Goods Ehime Takes Pride In" will be fully utilized as items to enrich your lives, or as gifts or memorabilia.

Tokihiro Nakamura Governor of Ehime Prefecture