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"Sugomono, Excellent Goods" database website was created on February 29,2016.

Item pickup

  • Business cards made of Danshi Japanese handmade paper as big as about 94cm x 188cm
  • Uchiko Colored Wooden Lantern
  • Platinum Towel, Shimanami Bijin Stole
  • ustom order-made table with a single top-board made by traditional techniques
  • Mori no Kuni Glass Crafts
  • Kihoku Senkashi (Ogura Nakasenshi) (Japanese paper)
  • Takahari Paper Lantern
  • Idee Zora Garcons Apron, Kabuki face mask
  • Fine Goods of Ehime,Excellent Goods
  • Yurari (paper lamp shade)
  • Laughing onigawara (Japanese laughing gargoyle roof tile)
  • Carp Streamer
  • French Color Towel (colored French terry towel)
  • Totai Shikki (lacquered pottery) "Tamatebako (treasure box) - Dream container"
  • Nippon no Shiki (R)Midori
  • Miniaturized Wooden Puzzle of Dogo Hot Spring Main Building
  • Danjiri Small Paper Lantern
  • Chopping board (Hime Japanese cypress chopping board.) / Gilded tray (Hakuou gilding tray)