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"Sugomono, Excellent Goods" database website was created on February 29,2016.

Item pickup

  • Blowfish Lantern (round bottle type)
  • Overall full-color sublimation transfer printing on towels / Central Jacquard weave* and
  • Laughing onigawara (Japanese laughing gargoyle roof tile)
  • Hime-Kagura (R) Series
  • Idee Zora Garcons Apron, Kabuki face mask
  • Paper Yarn
  • Iyokasuri Neck Strap/Order-made Bag
  • Large Playroom Equipment Series  Traverse Series CUBE,  Japanese Cypress Bookstand M600
  • Fine Goods of Ehime,Excellent Goods
  • Uchiko Colored Wooden Lantern
  • Lace Plate
  • Niowanai Bath Towel (odor-resistant bath towel)
  • Tooka Lamp Shade (Japanese tiling)
  • Organic Cotton Somoku Hand-dyed Gauze Stole
  • Carp Streamer
  • Ehime Gift Envelopes  Kyuryu
  • Crystal Paperweight MIZUHIKI, Balletta Awaji
  • ustom order-made table with a single top-board made by traditional techniques